Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to contribute to the 22nd EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (GCH).

GCH 2024 welcomes presentations of new research, projects, demonstrations and applications that demonstrate how computer graphics and other digital technologies are impacting Cultural Heritage (CH) research, preservation and dissemination and promoting sustainable cultural tourism. Specific sessions will be organised to seek new challenges and projects involving different stakeholders of the Heritage ecosystem. Hence, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome to the event.

The event aims to engage with practitioners and researchers across the world working at novel digital technologies and approaches to CH. This year, the workshop is organized in Darmstadt (Germany) from 16th – 18th September 2024 and will take place in the Hessian Landesmuseum.

The objective of this year’s EG GCH is to foster discussion between research scientists at the crossroads of AIComputer VisionComputer GraphicsHCI design, and Digital Heritage researchers, in a collaborative environment with cultural institutionsscholars in the Cultural Heritage domain and Creative Industries.

We encourage the community to participate in the discussions on promises and concerns about the adoption of AI and reconstruction technologies by scientists and practitioners in the field of Creative Industries and CH.

For the research community, GCH 2024 will provide an excellent scientific forum to exchange novel ideas and groundbreaking developments as well as to identify future research opportunities. For practitioners and students, GCH 2024 will provide a unique opportunity to feed into technical developments as well as to identify new techniques and ideas which can be transferred into practice.

Like last year, GCH is establishing agreements with leading journals (ACM JOOCH, Elsevier DAACH, etc.) and invites authors to submit work with highly innovative research results.

ACM JOCCH‘s Special Issue on “Visual Heritage” focuses on novel computing research for documenting, accessing and researching cultural heritage, including areas of computer graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, visualisation, human-computer interfaces, and other visual technologies. Short versions of these papers will be included in the EG proceedings, while the Special Issue will be published by December 2024. Authors may find this call at:

Elsevier DAACH Special Issue on “Digital Restoration for Cultural Heritage Preservation” focuses on applications, design and advancements in 3D digitization, digital restoration, and visualization techniques specifically tailored for the preservation of cultural heritage. Authors can find the call and further details at:

Types of Contributions

Authors are invited to submit different types of contributions including:

  • Full Research papers: original and innovative research (max. 10 pages incl. refs.)
  • Short Papers: research activities, applications or projects (max. 4 pages inc. refs.)
  • Posters / Demo: overview of activities or national/international interdisciplinary projects (2 pages)


Contributions are solicited within the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Digitisation of CH resources (3D scanning, motion capture, multispectral imaging, X-ray, terahertz imaging, etc.)
  • Material acquisition, reconstruction, preservation
  • AI-based view synthesis for ad-hoc 2d and 3d reconstruction
  • AI-based material reconstruction for rendering and presentation
  • General AI technologies that could be beneficial for eXtended Reality CH environments
  • Advanced image-based rendering techniques
  • Collaborative interactive eXtended and hybrid environments
  • Visualisation for CH applications
  • eXtended reality applications in the field of CH
  • Multi-modal analysis of CH data
  • Spatial and mobile augmentation of physical collections
  • Emotional and cognitive user experience design
  • Interactive solutions and HCI design for CH applications
  • Virtual Museums, Digital Technologies and Applications for Museums
  • Digital fabrication, including 3D printing for tangible interfaces
  • Semantic technologies for digital libraries

Important dates

  1. Publication in JOCCH Special Issue on Visual Heritage (visit link for details) ↩︎
  2. Publication in DAACH Special Issue on Digital Restoration for Cultural Heritage Preservation (visit link for details) ↩︎